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ER Doctor On Call

Your Premier Telemedicine Provider

What is Telemedicine?

Telemedicine offers adults & childen (ages 5-17) the opportunity to video chat with a Board-Certified Health Care Physician and obtain non-emergency medical evaluation, diagnosis & treatment.

Why Choose Telemedicine?

ER Doctor On Call, your local telemedicine provider, is a less expensive alternative to an Urgent Care or Emergency Room visit.  PLUS we can meet from the comfort, safety and convenience of your home, office car or any place you have your device.

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Convenient & affordable appointments.

Register for free.

Register with ER Doctor On Call, for immediate access to board-certified doctors from the convenience of your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Already a member?

Then you know the drill!  Schedule an appointment and let's get you on the road to health, wellness & recovery.

Schedule a Virtual Appointment Today!  Allow 15 min prior to check-in.

ER Doctor Online IS YOUR #1 Telehealth Provider in Florida

Providing a full range of health care services for you and your family.  This site is for minor medical conditions, only and is NOT for emergencies. If you have an emergency call 911.

How To Schedule an Appointment

We can't plan when to get sick but we CAN plan on how, when and where to get treated!

In just 3 easy steps - you can register with ER Doctor On Call, schedule an appointment and rest assured that you will be seen by a Board-Certified Physician who will evaluate, diagnose and offer treatment (including sending prescriptions to your favorite pharmacy) all from your smartphone, tablet or computer. 
Because that's THE WAY it should be.



Register for free

with ER Doctor On Call for easy on-going access to appointment scheduling, history and account information.


Schedule Appointment

Access our online calendar and select the date and time most convenient for you.


You will receive a visit confirmation email which will give you a
link to video visit.

How to Schedule a Visit

What to Expect During Your Virtual Appointment

With a Virtual Appointment, you or your child can expect the following:


  • A visual examination, diagnosis and treatment by an Emergency Physician.

  • To be treated for minor medical conditions.

  • To have prescriptions sent to the pharmacy of your choice.

  • To be charged one flat rate of $126 per 10-min appointment.

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We Treat

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We Don't Treat

What to Expect
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Open Hours

Primary Hours:

8am to 8pm

After Hours:

6am to 8 am and 8pm to 10pm

Currently serving the State of Florida
(other states coming soon!)


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